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/: Marinsie could be pregnant


Isaac Perez: I dont think I want to be friends anymore....
marinsie southern: WHAT?!
Isaac Perez: ......
Isaac Perez: I dont mean that obviously
Isaac Perez: who wouldnt wanna be freinds with you?
marinsie southern: then what do you mean?
Isaac Perez: I meant that as an april fools joke but...I didnt pursue it cause I didnt think it was nice
marinsie southern: i knew it!!!!
Isaac Perez: hahah good. I was gonna drag it out and shit but I thought..nooooo
marinsie southern: seriously though
marinsie southern: ...
Isaac Perez: ....seriously what?
marinsie southern: ehh
marinsie southern: nothing nevermind
Isaac Perez: ......NO CAUSE NOW IM CURIOUS!
Isaac Perez: YOU CANT DO THAT TO ME!!!
marinsie southern: its nothing   nevermind
Isaac Perez: whats on your mind?
marinsie southern: ehh i found something out today
marinsie southern: well 2 thing actually
Isaac Perez: yes?
marinsie southern: my mom got a ring from marco
Isaac Perez: O.O a ring? like... a "ring" ring?
marinsie southern: yes a ring ring
marinsie southern: i had to ask her i was like is it a friendship ring? lol
Isaac Perez: whatd she say?
marinsie southern: about what?
Isaac Perez: Umm..I dunno. How do you feel about this?
marinsie southern: she didnt say anything really
marinsie southern: we just laughed about me asking that
Isaac Perez: Ah. How do you feel about this?
marinsie southern: i dont care   as long as shes happy
Isaac Perez: Does it bother you?
marinsie southern: no
Isaac Perez: Ah. Well, whats the second thing you found out?
marinsie southern: nothing
Isaac Perez: ...I thought you said there were two things?
marinsie southern: there were
Isaac Perez: Okay. I wont press the issue if you dont want to talk about it. Something is on your mind though, and I think it goes beyond what your telling me
marinsie southern: im not 100 % on it
Isaac Perez: on it? on what?
marinsie southern: it just could be wrong
Isaac Perez: your mom and Marco?
marinsie southern: no nothing with that
Isaac Perez: Okay. Something could be wrong. Wrong with what?
marinsie southern: ehh
marinsie southern: i think im pregnant
marinsie southern: : /
Isaac Perez: Oh... but...the first time you and Panda had sex was like..what...a few days ago?
marinsie southern: nooo
Isaac Perez: oh. Umm, why do you think maybe your pregnant.
marinsie southern: and i think i am because i took a test and it said i am
marinsie southern: ((
Isaac Perez: O.O oh. I thought you might have just been late...why didnt you say something earlier?
marinsie southern: what am i supposed to say?
Isaac Perez: I dont know. wait a minute....
Isaac Perez: .......
Isaac Perez: i hate you
marinsie southern: O.O  why do you hate me!?!?!?!?!
Isaac Perez: hold on
Isaac Perez: hmn...not answering. Marinsie....
Isaac Perez: I will kill you. if this. is an april fools.....joke
marinsie southern: i told you i wanted to be serious
Isaac Perez: Okay. I am. Just, umm, promise that this is not an april fools joke and we can move on from that
marinsie southern: are you serious?!
marinsie southern: why would i even joke about being pregnant
marinsie southern: devil children
Isaac Perez: that is not promising anything. Tell me your not lying....err...please hehe
marinsie southern: im not lying?
Isaac Perez: okay. Im sorry for the unneeded bullshit.
marinsie southern: suure
Isaac Perez: hey, you know this holiday is evil. You would be questioning me too
marinsie southern: no i wouldnt
marinsie southern: i know youre pregnant
Isaac Perez: lol yes. Umm, anyway. what made you take the test?
marinsie southern: : /  lateness  paranoia
marinsie southern: i havent told him yet
marinsie southern: i dont know how
marinsie southern: i dont know what he'll do
Isaac Perez: maybe you should make sure your certain you are before telling him
marinsie southern: what if he leaves?
Isaac Perez: Then...he isnt a man
marinsie southern: that leaves how to tell him...
Isaac Perez: Yeah...but thats the hardest part isnt it? Once thats over then it should be a little easier.
marinsie southern: you would think so
Isaac Perez: Im sure everything will be okay. Different, but okay
marinsie southern: how am i going to tell my mom?
Isaac Perez: Is this worse than telling her a long time ago that you and Jess...did what yall did? She was angry but it was okay later right? This might be the same way.
marinsie southern: she wasnt angry really she understood and that didnt involve another life being brought into the world
Isaac Perez: Still, I think itll be okay. She might be upset at first, but ultimately shell support you
marinsie southern: you want to tell her for me?
Isaac Perez: lol This is something she should hear from you
marinsie southern: o damn...
Isaac Perez: what?
marinsie southern: your answer
Isaac Perez: Oh. Well I imagine her finding out from someone else would upset her more
marinsie southern: i might just wait til i have to tell her ya know?
Isaac Perez: Yeah. Are you gonna get checked by a doctor? Or however that make sure your pregnant?
Isaac Perez: or maybe the test was a deffective one
marinsie southern: maybe
marinsie southern: : /
marinsie southern: i dont know what to do yet
Isaac Perez: Does anyone else know besides us?
marinsie southern: no
marinsie southern: who am i going to tell?
marinsie southern: no one around here keeps their mouth shut let alone me feeling like i can tell them serious stuff
Isaac Perez: Ah. Just wondering.
Isaac Perez: I LOVE YOU!!!
marinsie southern: : / i love you too
Isaac Perez: Just...let me know if you need me for anything. Im here for you
marinsie southern: thanks
Isaac Perez: You must be pretty sleepy by now
marinsie southern: kinda but not really
marinsie southern: hows he going to take it?
Isaac Perez: I wish I could tell you. All guys take it differently. Hopefully hes a man and will be there for you.
marinsie southern: yeah
Isaac Perez: I think he'll take it alright
marinsie southern: whys that?
Isaac Perez: He doesnt seem to be a jackass, based on what little perception I have of him
marinsie southern: i hope
Isaac Perez: Just dont stress yourself out to much
marinsie southern: night
Isaac Perez: night
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