GHOSTBOY (bleedforme17) wrote,

Today was a good day. Well, aside from L's car breaking down. I treated him and Guin to Wafflehouse.
Then we headed home and gathered on Guin's bed to binge some tv. She was dozing off in the corner of the bed while L had his legs draped casually over mine. I ghosted my fingertips over his skin, eyes fixed to the screen. I ran my palm over the hair on his calves. It went on like this for a moment before I snuck a glance over at Guin.

Fast asleep. Oblivious.

Feeling bold, I slid my hand into his shorts. I fixed my eyes on him and watched him squirm slightly as I played with his clit. My fingers were wet and I looked down at his mouth. He was biting his lip and the sight of it made me feel high.

Sorry Guin. Guess that was kinda tacky of us. But goddamn if it wasn't a thrill.

L motioned for me to get up and we quietly made our way into my room. I shut the door behind me and turned to see him already pushing down his shorts. I pushed him onto the bed and got him off with my mouth. I felt euphoric, kneeling with my tongue buried in his ass as he wet my face.

I felt no need to come. I had served him and that was enough to satisfy me.

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