GHOSTBOY (bleedforme17) wrote,

I hate waiting...

but I understand. I'm just a sidefuck. Friends with benefits at best.
I don't usually make the first move because it's hard to get a read on him sometimes. But he does have subtle ways of letting me know he wants touched. It was always friday nights because his boyfriend worked late.

It starts with him resting his head on my lap while we watch tv. I'll play with his hair and watch the strands fall through my fingers. Innevitably, he'll remove his shirt so that I can rub his back. He sometimes asks for a massage and I am all too delighted to let my hands dance over his skin. Listening to his soft sighs and smoothing the warm oil over his body.

"Can you shut the door so I can take my pants off?"
Yes. Absolutely yes.

I close the door and turn to see him lying naked on my bed. My heart is racing, like always. I sit on the bed next to him and let my hands roam from his back, over his ass and down to his feet. Over and over and back again. Teasing his hole with my thumbs as I pass. The massage ended with my tongue in his ass and my fist in his pussy.
Then I fucked him and pulled out to spill over his chest.

I expected him to leave afterwards, as he usually does. But he curled up on my bed and we watched music videos while I pampered him again. Running my fingers over his skin and through his hair.

I have zero regrets. I know this high is temporary but I'm going to ride it out as long as I can. 

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